Online Group Classes Secondary Level    $80/month

Online support at the secondary level
Group classes are offered online on Sundays.
These classes are offered by qualified teachers.
For information, please contact the Service
514-620-8000 or at: 1-888-382-0888 (Toll free)

Secondary 1 Sunday 9am to 9:55am
Secondary 2 Sunday 9am to 9:55am
Secondary 3 Sunday 9am to 9:55am
Secondary 4 SN Sunday 9am to 9:55am
Secondary 5 SN Sunday 9am to 9:55am

Registration for online interactive group classes and payment
Please complete the registration form and then make your payment.

Teaching materials
Mandatory material used for the classes.
Mathematics 3000 - Evaluations by chapter - $20.80
Order, according to the desired level, your materials at
Guérin Publisher:

Secondary 1 Evaluations by chapter 978-2-7601-7614-0 Buy
Secondary 2 Evaluations by chapter N/A Buy
Secondary 3 Evaluations by chapter 978-2-7601-7616-4 Buy
Secondary 4 CST Evaluations by chapter 978-2-7601-7607-2 Buy
Secondary 4 TS Evaluations by chapter 978-2-7601-7617-1 Buy
Secondary 4 SN Evaluations by chapter 978-2-7601-7601-0 Buy