MATH 3000 Service offers during the school year, at the secondary or cegep level, online mathematics courses given in French or in English by the Authors of the Mathematics 3000 collection.

• Online private classes at the secondary and cegep level
• Online interactive group courses
• Preparation for end of year exams
• Summer session

MATH 3000 Service is managed by emeritus professors, authors of the Mathematics 3000 collection.

The quality of MATH 3000 Services is recognized by private and public schools which, year after year, entrust their students requiring support during the school year or retake exams in the summer.


Message to high school students for their mathematics course

In this period of confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is urgent for each of you to continue your studies at the secondary level, especially your studies in mathematics.

Each of the tabs below offers a working guide. This guide indicates for each subject or chapter of your program:

- the sections to be mastered,

- the optional sections which are not essential for the following year,

- the sections which will require a readjustment by the teacher next year,

- the exercises to be done in each section in order to master the subject treated,

- the evaluations to be made at the end of each chapter which take account of the adjustments,

- the end-of-year evaluations which take account of the adjustments.

This guide indicates for each section of chapter, the approximate number of hours that you must devote in order to master each subject treated.

For secondary 5 students, this guide specifies the sections that you must master according to the profile chosen in College (Science or Social Science with Mathematics).

Although the exercises mentioned in this guide refer to the Mathematics 3000 collection, this guide can be used for any student using another collection.

We hope you find this guide useful and will encourage you in your personal work.

The Service de Formation Académique offers this summer, from Monday, July 6th to Friday, July 31st, an online session allowing students to obtain the mathematical prerequisites for the next school year.

Gérard et Chantal Buzaglo

Auteurs de la collection MATHÉMATIQUES 3000

Co-directeurs du Service de Formation Académique