Our Team

Chantal Buzaglo


Chantal is a high school math teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is also the author of several Mathematics collections including the Mathematics 3000 Collection which is distributed across the province of Quebec. She has enabled her students to love mathematics, to succeed in science, and to give them a solid Math education so that they can achieve Mathematical thinking and rigor. Her experience and dedication to students led her to be named Professor Emeritus and to get the Professor of the Year award for her excellence in teaching.


David Buzaglo, BSc. MEd., has been teaching mathematics in the QAIS Association schools for over 10 years. His teaching strategies help facilitate students’ abilities to master the subject matter and strengthen their mathematical rigor. David is also co-author of the Mathematics 3000 Collection in the series Preparation for end of year exams and  Evaluations by chapter. Complementary to his teaching, David is an accomplished vocalist and pianist. He conducts choruses and small ensembles.


Gerard is a teacher and author of mathematics at the secondary, college and university levels with over 30 years of experience. Excellent teacher, Gerard has, over the years, been awarded numerous prizes for his teaching in mathematics at École des H.E.C and École Polytechnique. He is the author of numerous collections in mathematics, including the Mathematics 3000 Collection. It is through clear and accessible teaching without sacrificing rigor that Gerard transmits his passion for mathematics to his students.